Summons Recovery

Enquiries relating to summonses are often emotive, time consuming, impacting on agent resources and generally result in arrangements that have the first installment payable weeks ahead causing collection delays.
There are however many customers who would prefer to make arrangements without talking to an agent and Inform Communications Summons Arrangement module is designed to facilitate this with the flexibility and at a time that suits customers.
The module is set up to allow the period of payment to be controlled by you, i.e. 1, 2, or 3 months and will automatically add the Liability Order costs and divide the total payable into equal installments. The service also has the flexibility for installment periods to be changed by you monthly with for example longer arrangements at the start of the year and shorter arrangements at the end of the year.
In addition the service can collect employment details to underpin arrangements, providing the safe guard of further successful recovery action.
When an arrangement is agreed the module automatically advises customers that they must pay the first agreed instalment now and connects them to your Payment Line. This ensures initial collection opportunities are maximise.
The module forms part of the Revenues Recovery suite but can be deployed as a standalone support if required and be set up within 4 weeks. Designed to handle up to 50% of your enquiries the agent release is proven.