Revenues & Benefits Half Yearly Challenges

Does September see activity particularly for Revenues increase significantly following the summer lull and the evaluations of half yearly collections achievements against targets?  Do you see increased customer contact and a rise in Benefits enquiries as a result of recovery activity?

With the need to maximise in-year collection we recognise that Revenues & Benefits Departments and Customer Services are under significant pressure to provide good service delivery.

The Inform Communications Revenues & Benefits module is designed to provide Self Service telephony support for all enquiry types including all recovery with in most instances over 50% of the enquiries being handled without agent intervention.  The module includes:

  • All Council Tax Enquiries
  • All Council Tax Recovery Enquiries
  • All Benefits Enquiries
  • All NNDR Enquiries
  • All NNDR Recovery Enquiries

The modules are built to handle all initial enquiries, giving guidance on what action needs to be taken to the customer and what actions will be taken by the council if notifications are ignored.  The services connect to 24 hour telephone payment lines as well as Enforcement agents and agencies where required.

The service flexibility does mean you can determine if you wish to include agent assistance or promote a more digital linked approach.

Key service components are as follows:

  • Connectivity directly or via channelling enquiries to bespoke mobile apps/web services and SMS
  • Extensive data capture and integration options
  • Integrated SMS response and linking digital form and information provision
  • Bespoke builds for Council Tax, NNDR and Benefits to your exact requirements
  • Use of your Corporate voice or our male /female voicing technicians
  • SAP BI Analytics as standard
  • Repeat Caller Tracking and fast track return usage
  • Queue management as standard

Services can be set up in just 6 weeks and can easily be linked to existing telephony with a plug play and perform approach.  Handling over 50% of your enquiries will release significant resources and provide an Omni channel pathway for enquiry answering.