Repeat Caller Tracking

Repeat Caller Tracking

The module is only available where the caller identification number is available and provided.

The purpose of this facility is to provide a quick return to the service areas in Self Service a caller was using to expedite enquiry completion.  It is recognised that some callers are not able to complete their enquiry in one visit and may use the service again within a short period of time.

This facility will track the caller i.d.number and recognize if they have made more than one call within a defined period and what part of the service they were using.  The service will then advise the caller that it was noticed that they had called before and offer the option of returning them to the last point of interest to continue the enquiry or return them to the Main Menu to pursue a separate enquiry.

You will have the option to request the caller be transferred to an agent on the second occasion and only need to provide the agent assist contact number for call handling.

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