Peak Recovery

The Inform Communications Revenues & Benefits Recovery module is designed to provide Self Service telephony support for what is for many a high volume, potentially emotive enquiry type that can be handled in most instances without agent intervention. The module includes:

  • First and Second Reminder support
  • Final Notices
  • Summonses
  • Liability Orders
  • Enforcement support

The module is built to handle all enquiry types, giving guidance on what action needs to be taken by the caller and what actions will be taken by the council if the notice is ignored. The service also includes an arrangement module giving you total flexibility in determination of the period acceptable (1, 2 or 3 months etc.) and the method of payment (Cash, Standing Order, Direct Debit). The service can also connect to a 24 hour telephone payment line to capture any payments and the first agreed installment prior to any arrangement being confirmed if required.

The service flexibility does mean you can determine if you wish to include agent assistance or connection to agencies for debt advice and consolidation.

There is also a Summons Arrangement Module which also adds Liability Order Costs where arrangements exceed time lines for Hearings before agreeing monthly repayments based on your requirements. Again connectivity to Payment Lines mean first installments are captured quickly along with the flexibility to also capture employment details to underpin an arrangement.

The Enforcement support ensures callers are connected immediately if required to the handling Enforcement agency streamlining and guiding the enquiry to the right destination to avoid double handling and difficulties with costs and payments.

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