Omni Channel Self Service


Have you invested heavily in interactive web sites and digital forms but have come to recognize that still your customers continue to use the traditional contact methods of Telephone and Walk-ins. Channel shifting proving difficult and looking for an answer to this migration to Self Service! Our Omni-Channel approach is the solution!

In recognition of the global shift to mobile communications our design once, deploy anywhere architecture uniquely enables one application to be deployed across multiple customer access channels.

The channels share underlying, business logic and back-end access while maintaining their own unique advantages. The following are all available via one core application resulting in customers being influenced and assisted in changing their traditional methods of contact:

▪ Inbound and outbound IVR
▪ Email
▪ SMS – Digital Connectivity
▪ Mobile Web
▪ Social Media

All services can be hosted and managed on dual site cloud data centers with access to vast numbers of digital channels providing both future-proof functionality and resilience. If required, on-premise solutions are also available.

We provide
▪ Service personalization recognizing and greeting customers
▪ Repeat Caller Identification providing efficient routing to service areas or agent assist where needed
▪ Data Capture and integration
▪ Connectivity to Digital forms and Information
▪ Balance Enquiry provision
▪ Integration of mobile applications, SMS and Web service connectors for enriched user experience
Rich Analytic support evaluating customer behavior and service development requirements

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