Mobile Web (Channel Shift Migration Tool)

Have you invested heavily in Digital provision and not seen a decrease in telephone call receipt?  Have you had to retain the same agent support and find the channel shift strategy is not delivering the migration savings you had expected and need!  

The Inform Communications Mobile Web Module is the answer to the challenges all Councils face in migrating customers from Telephone usage to Digital usage.  Designed to interact with customers via SMS as soon as they contact you, the service will link to Portals/Web sites/Information Bulletins and Forms seamlessly.  Supporting the Channel Shift strategy and reducing direct telephone call receipt and agent support this module is the answer to the Communication needed to shift customers away from the agent reliance into digital provision.

Solution Benefits & Performance

  • Channel Shift customers from telephone enquiries to digital completion seamlessly supporting flexible communication expansion.
  • Free up key agent time by reducing calls to agents, reducing costs whilst increasing revenue.
  • Link to Self Service solutions, Digital Forms and Information Portals.
  • Provide access and support 24/7 for all enquiries.
  • Migrate customers via integrated SMS and promote web site and portal usage with routing.

Solution Functionality

Key features included are as follows:

  • All telephone enquiries automatically linked to the Mobile Web solution.
  • Service provision 24/7/365.
  • Bespoke build to meet your exact requirements in presentation and content.
  • Data capture and transcription as standard.
  • Integrated SMS as standard linking to digital forms and information
  • 4 service changes per year at no cost
  • Repeat Caller Tracking as standard
  • Comprehensive Analytics support module as standard

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