Interactive Self Service

Informs Customer Self Service solution offers a range of Self Service options that go beyond the traditional IVR solutions delivering seamless transitions when moving between channels.  Our solution gives customer the ability to shift between telephone, SMS, Digital and agent.  Our ability to build once and deploy in multiple communication channels gives flexibility and accessibility to your services without agent assistance.

Below is an example of initially using the telephone to make an enquiry and switching to SMS and Digital without losing information already provided.

(Mobile Web)

The interactive Customer Self Service solution features include the following:

  • Service personalised and bespoke to Council requirements
  • Service provision within Cloud
  • Service available via SIP
  • Service recorded in either a local voice or Inform female or male voicing technician
  • All inbound telephone calls answered in 2 rings
  • Full information provision for all areas
  • Data capture facility as standard within the service
  • Data captured transferable from speech to text
  • Data captured can be input to digital forms where available
  • All data captured available within 1 hour
  • Call transfer to agents where required
  • Call transfers to Payment Lines and other agent assisted support areas available
  • Call link to data base or back office systems for account balances etc.
  • Separate in-hours and out-of-hours service available
  • Repeat Caller Tracking where CLI provision available
  • Comprehensive SAP Analytics provided as standard
  • Call queuing available
  • SMS inclusion as standard for digital form link and information provision
  • Four changes/development requests at no cost per annum

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