Enhanced Analytics

Enhanced Analytics

Our enhanced Analytics are run through SAP Business Objects and have been designed to provide the most in-depth analysis of service performances.  The reports are designed as a two tier production, Operational and Managerial.

Operational Reports

The content and structure provides in-depth data on volumes, categories, call lengths, call behaviour, dominant paths, SMS usage and transfer from and to destinations to name just a few.  Available daily weekly and monthly this report provides the data to determine service approach, development and performance.

Managerial Reports

These reports are designed to provide critical data for management assistance to understand key performance areas at a glance.  Summary total data and percentages are included as well as graphical information, percentages and trends.  Available weekly and monthly these reports will give you everything you need at your fingertips at a glance.

The report suite has the capability to produce ad hoc support data as standard and the capability to support financial components of call lengths in service, with agents and total call lengths.

We understand that to determine service success requires the right reporting support!

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