Elections landing page

Product Scope

Election Service is designed to answer all initial Elections enquiries 24/7 within 2 rings and provide customers with information to answer their enquiry quickly.  The service will also provide direction to web sites and information areas to further assist supported by an integrated SMS facility and where necessary transfer customers to an agent to further assist.  The service will have the capability to capture information which can be available within 30 minutes and be integratable.

Product Functionality

Key features

  • All telephony calls answered in 2 rings
  • Data capture and transcription
  • Integrated SMS as standard linking to digital forms and information
  • Bespoke build to meet your exact requirements
  • Voiced with male/female voicing technician or by your corporate voice

Standard service features

  • Service available 24/7
  • In hours and out of hours service distinction
  • 4 service changes at no cost per year
  • Repeat Caller Tracking
  • Comprehensive Analytics support module

Product Build and Implementation plan


Typical build and implementation plan

The service can be built to your exact requirements, live and supporting you in 6 weeks from order request.  Please contact us for your implementation plan.

Product Contract Options

Short term pilot contracts from just 6 months are available to support you flexibly over the busiest periods for Elections.  Contracts can be extended to 1, 2 or 3 years benefiting from discounted

Product Performance

The generic service will handle at least 50% of your telephone call enquiries freeing up key agent time and resources.  It will also assist migration for customers to digital via the SMS usage and sign posting.

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