Channel Shift


Inform recognise that customers stick to the traditional chosen methods of contact – telephone, walk-ins and email. Whilst these are acceptable – there is a need to influence and change the contact culture. We work with you to encourage and educate customers to Self-Serve before seeking agent assistance.

Channel shift requires moving from a start point to an end point and whilst most councils have excelled at the end point – creating websites, apps and electronic forms, they have not done so well with the start point where channel shift begins. For many councils this will be the telephone where customers have been used to speaking to skilled advisers for even the simplest of enquiries and generally only during office hours.

Channel shifting a live call to a user-friendly automated Self Service with integrated SMS and Digital linkage, enabling smartphone users the ability to shift to bespoke mobile apps and websites can have a rapid and sustained impact on financial and operational resources.

Providing customers with 24/7 multi-channel access to user-friendly automated services is proven to lower costs, reduce agent reliance and make more services accessible.

The key enablers to underpin this cultural change for both customers and councils are:

  • Know me
  • Make it Mobile
  • Let me do it
  • Make it social
  • Fit into my life
  • Save me time
  • Make me smarter
  • Help me discover

Delivering a ‘Digital by Default’ strategy is becoming increasingly essential. With over 20 years of experience with UK Local Government we provide the tools and knowledge to make Channel Shift happen.

Our products not only help customers become more aware of the options, we also provide more flexible information provision and communication channel choices. We know how to provision information via multiple channels to influence the contact behaviour and assist migration away from traditional contact methods.

Inform has the experience and knowledge to make channel shift successful.

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