Balance Enquiry

Balance Enquiry Provision

The module is only available where the caller identification number is available and provided.

The purpose of this facility is to provide a caller with up to date account balance status upon request within Self Service.  This is seen as a major enquiry type within collection areas following recovery activity.

This facility will allow a caller to obtain their balance by keying in the account reference number. The facility can be enabled in two ways:

Daily file extract provision

This can be received as an excel file daily with account reference number and balance total.  In addition this can be received as account reference, in year balance and total balance to trigger potential agent intervention.  Callers will key pad their account reference number and the account balance details will be provided.

Direct extraction form your service.

Account balances can be provided via access to your data base for provision.  This can be set up by a secure pathway for account reference number and total balance or account reference number, in year balance and total balance.

For both provision options, where the in-year is different to the total balance, for debt consolidation it is recognised that agent intervention may be required and call transfer can be initiated.

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